IUNWATCH hails new rules at UN HRC, “it promotes disciplined NGO participation at Palais des Nations

IUNWATCH hails new rules at UN HRC, “it promotes disciplined NGO participation at Palais des Nations

IUNWATCH hails new rules at UN HRC, “it promotes disciplined NGO participation at Palais des Nations

Independent United Nations Watch (IUNW) hails the new rules and regulation by the NGO liaison office in Geneva which aims at protecting the integrity and the work of the UN HRC which has been undermined by rogue governments and their proxy NGOs.

Independent United Nations Watch consider the new rules as a success of its efforts for the last two years in which it has raised awareness of NGOs violations and corruption committed by many people with specific agendas. The Organisation has been workers with many partners to expose any wrong practises by governments and allied NGOs. IUNWATCH discovered that most wrong practices come from Arab governments such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

“Through our work we came to discover that United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are paying for NGOs to abuse the concept of NGOs participation. For example, they paid large sums of money to rogue NGOs with ECOSOC status such as Arab Organization for Human Rights, Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights Association, Women and Development Association in Alexandria and The Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers. These NGOs have damaged and undermined the work of other NGOs and governments at each Human Rights Council Session. They mislead audience with sessions titles, agendas, speakers and disseminating fake and propaganda information.” said the Independent United Nations Watch

“The new changes of rules and regulations at the Palais des Nations which regularly accommodate NGO participation is very important and a direct result of our constant lobbying of the UN HRC, NGO committee and also the ECOSOC coupled with proposals sent to the NGO liaison office in Geneva” said the Independent United Nations Watch

The new Information to the attention of NGO participants in the 40th session of the HRC are the right set of rules by the secretariat which we hope it will even tighten more in the next sessions so that the UN HRC is functioning properly.

The rules also included that Access to United Nations premises and Palais des Nations is accessible to accredited NGO delegates from 8 a.m. The new rules also will have some Participants may be subjected to security scrutiny. Access to the United Nations premises with large luggage is not permitted.

The secretaries also stated that, “On occasions of increased demand for participation in a given Human Rights Council meeting, the Secretariat may limit the number of accredited participants per NGO delegation having access to the plenary room.  In lieu, any additional NGO participants not being given access to the plenary will have access to the public gallery, or alternate arrangements will be made.”

Use of photography or any other form of recording equipment is not permitted in Palais des Nations, except within NGO parallel events (see the practical guide for NGO participants).

NGOS activities were also limited where “NGOs are not permitted to hold press conferences in UN premises.  Press briefings, and dissemination of press releases and media advisories by NGOs may be arranged only through the Association of Correspondents Accredited to the United Nations (ACANU).” The new rules also limit that distribution of  NGO material (leaflets, publications, boards, banners, etc) relevant to the work of the Council may be displayed only on the tables and boards clearly marked for this purpose (outside plenary room XX). Materials should clearly indicate the logo and full name of the NGO in ECOSOC consultative status.

It also added that, the distribution of NGO material in the Palais des Nations is not permitted, including in the cafeteria and Serpentine Bar, and other public spaces. Materials containing abusive or offensive language or images are not permitted on United Nations premises. The United Nations flag may not be displayed in meeting rooms where NGOs organize events, except with the authorization of the Secretary-General, requested through the Secretariat.


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