Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human is bribed by Emirates to attack Qatar

Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human is bribed by Emirates to attack Qatar

Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human is bribed by Emirates to attack Qatar

The UAE was accused of being involved in money laundering, drugs, and its repeated attempts to destabilize other regimes after Arab springs. The question is, how come their illicit activities are not getting everyone’s attention?

The UAE is using the corrupt human rights organization MAAT foundation to execute all of their illegal activities. Over the years MAAT foundation has been cunningly whitewashing all the corruption that UAE does. The organization is also assisting UAE in destabilizing other regimes.

UAE is massively funding the MAAT foundation to fulfill its interest. Moreover, the MAAT foundation has registered in the United Nations and has achieved consultative status. This organization is using its consultative status to destabilize other foreign countries whose interest is not aligned with Egypt, UAE, or Saudi Arabia.

What is the MAAT foundation, and who is the Founder?

In 2005, a person named Ayman akil, who claims to be human rights observer for elections, founded the MAAT foundation. At the inaugural ceremony of the MAAT foundation, he stressed that the NGO is founded for Peace and the development of Human rights.

Akil used this organization to rob large sums of money from the Emirates, and the Emirates also used its services to destabilize other regimes. After a couple of incidents, the purpose of this organization got cleared. 

With time, it became very clear that this organization was working to launder the human rights image of the emirates. Akil soon became known as corrupt person who embezzled money and live on bribes.

UAE is using MAAT to discredit the Qatari government and its human right system

MAAT organization is also secretly working to discredit the Qatar government for so many reasons. They have been sharing false news to destabilize Qatar as their interest may not align with the countries that MAAT working for.

MAAT is also using its consultative status in the UN to discredit Qatar by providing false evidence. They have been trying to destabilize Qatar by accusing false allegations. However, the same organization stays blind and does not highlight the human rights issue in the countries they work for.

MAAT is using its resources and status to help Egypt UAE to dominate other countries. UAE is investing big time in this NGO to go against Qatar as there is a clash of interests.

Real Face of MAAT Foundation

Recently An Italian investigative investigation entitled “Egypt Propoganda for the human rights system” revealed a hidden role of the MAAT foundation in supporting Abdel Fateh EL- Sisi’s regime and its services in the human rights file.

The investigation also confirmed that “ Maat” was employed for many years to attack opponents of Egypt and UAE abroad. Furthermore, the investigation described Maat as the regime's tool to persuade citizens to give up their rights.


It's Crystal Clear that the UAE has created a criminal arm for it in the field of human rights as it did in other fields like intelligence and security. UAE is using Egyptian human rights defenders to whiten their corruption and discredit countries like Qatar worldwide.


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