About Us

Independent United Nations Watch (IUNW) is an international initiative launched by a number of former UN experts, figures and diplomats. The prime objective of IUNW is to observe the performance of the United Nations’ different organs to make sure they achieve the noble goals of the International agency. While, the organization is not affiliated to the United Nations or part of its family, it works with many member states and UN agencies worldwide.

Our Mission

- Seeks to carry out an external observation and auditing (non-binding) of the United Nations key organisations and actions.

- helps achieve quality management system for all UN bodies.

- Contributes to ending the politicization of the UN.- Help end International corruption.

- Achieve full potential and effectivity of the UN, its projects and goals.

- Promoting International Human Rights

- Promote the participation of Civil Society within the United Nations.

- Promote UN best practice to achieve full SDGs success.